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Course Launch VIP Day

For creators looking to accelerate their live launch planning.

Investment begins at: $2,997

Accelerated done-for-you live launch plan, in just a day!

VIP day + Fully personalized Live Launch Notion Hub


Pre-call questionnaire

Fill out a pre-call questionnaire to ensure our time together is as productive as possible. 


Kick-off call

To kick-off our VIP day we'll start with quick call to align on the goals and deliverables for the day, and talk through the core elements of your launch and if you have a team in place for launch execution.


Personalized Live Launch Notion Hub

During the VIP day I will get to work building your personalized Live Launch Notion Hub, including a Dashboard, Calendar with Key Launch Events, Tasks Hub, Notes, and a Performance Hub, completely customized based on your needs and existing team members. All tasks will be assigned to the appropriate team member and due dates established within Notion based on your live launch timeline. This will provide unparalleled organization for you to peacefully manage all the moving pieces (and people) of your launch with ease. Say hello to your personalized roadmap for successful and repeatable launches. 


Ongoing launch support

For three weeks following our VIP day, you'll have the opportunity to reach out to me for launch support and guidance. This is great for questions that may arise as you begin to implement your strategy and utilize your Notion template. 

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