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Fractional Head of Marketing Retainer

For scaling startups needing a seasoned marketer to establish and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to reach your desired sales targets. 

Investment begins at: $3,000 / month

Get an experienced marketer in your corner, committed to growing your brand.

Marketing strategy, hiring, project management, performance reporting, and execution as needed.

Month 1

Establish your marketing plan & quick wins

In our first month together I will focus on developing a custom Marketing Strategy. You'll quickly gain clarity on how will we achieve your desired business goals, when will we do it, where will we do it, who do we need to hire to do it, and how much will we spend... I'll also tackle any quick wins we've identified!

Month 2

Lay the foundation & start executing.

Next, we begin laying the foundation for the marketing strategy. Whether that means outsourcing for specific needs, in month two we lay the foundation for execution. Execution begins typically by mid-month, really it just depends on how much foundation is required.

Month 3


Here we go, your marketing foundations are in place, and execution has begun. Your big business goals are crystal clear, and the path to achieve them is mapped out. We are cranking away at execution in month three! Ads are running, email is setup with proper automated email series, bi-weekly emails, promo cal is established, your content machine is working, we are marketing folks!

Month 4

Ongoing optimization

Marketing is fluid, so as we gauge performance of all our efforts, we continue to optimize as we go. 

Areas of Expertise

Brand Management

Your brand is your reputation, it's how you are perceived by your consumers. The goal is to ensure existing and prospective consumers have a positive experience at each brand touchpoint.

Content Strategy

Providing your audience with valuable content is the primary way to build trust. With my content strategy system, we will thoughtfully plan ahead and amplify across a your key channels for maximum impact and efficiency.

Marketing Strategy

How will you reach your aggressive revenue goals without a sound roadmap in place? Let's craft a powerful marketing strategy, designed to reach the growth goals you strive for.


Let's avoid wasting your consumers' mental calories trying to understand your value. Whether it's website copy, social posts, and everything in between, I communicate with clarity to drive authentic consumer connection.

Paid Media

Paid media is essential in your marketing mix. I've managed multi-million dollar ad spends, and startups with tight budgets. No matter your size, let's attract qualified leads that convert.

Email Marketing

Automated email funnels segmented by consumer type, weekly newsletters, you name it. Email marketing is essential, and I'm well versed in equipping brands with a well-oiled email machine to nurture leads and drive revenue. 

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